If you engage Subcontractors under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), we can:

  • Recommend software that will make the proper deductions from your subcontractors
  • Verify subcontractors on your behalf
  • Ensure your monthly returns are submitted on time
  • Advise you of what to pay, when and where
  • Provide payment and deduction statements to your subcontractors

You don’t want to be at a clients site and trying to verify “subbies” with HMRC whilst your trying to get your work done. Also, you can be fined for late filing or inaccuracies. So, what you pay us will be repaid by the savings in penalties, your valuable time and happier workers. If you are a CIS Subcontractor, we can:

  • Ensure you are being stopped tax at the appropriate rate
  • Remind you to claim all expenses and allowances
  • Claim your CIS refund on your tax return
  • Apply for you to become gross status, thus improving your cash flow (providing you meet the requirements)

Call us to find out how reasonable our costs are. It might surprise you.