Cash Management

  • Do you know why you don’t have enough cash, even though you are making profits?
  • Do you know the difference between cash and profit?
  • Do you plan how your cash is flowing into and out of the business?
  • Do you know how long it is taking generally to get payments from your customers?
  • Do you have trouble collecting debts on time, or at all?
  • Do you worry about whether you can pay the VAT bill this quarter?

We can help you improve yourcredit control to get your cash in the bank quicker or it may just be that you need a simple but effectivecash budget could answer these questions. Let us show you where all the money comes from and goes to in your business, and how you can have more of it.

  • Budgets can be short term or long term, you may just need to know how you will manage the cash flow for the next month, or possibly for the next year.
  • Either way we can help.