21 August 2020

We are now 5 months on from the ‘start’ of the COVID-19 triggered lockdown. The impact of the various measures introduced in this time have affected us all and vary from business to business and across sectors.

We would like to better understand the impact on SMEs.

It is in this respect that we are inviting you to participate in a tracker poll we are conducting to better understand how SMEs are coping and what their expectations are for their businesses over the next months.

From understanding your expectations for turnover and headcount to understanding your top priorities – be that survival or growth through to exploiting new opportunities or reducing your overheads.

The poll will only take up to 2 minutes of your time to participate.

Please click here to participate in the tracker poll.

Your feedback will be used to develop specific support for SMEs whilst also raising key issues and opportunities to the government and other organisations.

We do hope you will be able to take a moment to participate.

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